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ottobre 14, 2008

The Barefoot College

«Il Barefoot è realizzato e gestito dai contadini poveri, interamente di loro proprietà - dice Sanjit Bunker Roy -, è un College a cui i Vip non s'iscrivono». Il Barefoot College, è l'università «dai piedi scalzi», che laurea sul campo gli ultimi degli ultimi nei villaggi poveri delle campagne indiane. Bunker Roy l'ha fondata a Tilonia (nel Rajastan) nel 1972. Per il suo impegno, quest'anno è stato definito dal Guardian «uno dei 50 ambientalisti in grado di salvare il pianeta».

The Barefoot College began in 1972 with the conviction that solutions to rural problems lie within the community.

The College addresses problems of drinking water, girl education, health & sanitation, rural unemployment, income generation, electricity and power, as well as social awareness and the conservation of ecological systems in rural communities.
The College benefits the poorest of the poor who have no alternatives.
The College encourages practical knowledge and skills rather than paper qualifications through a learning by doing process of education.
The College was entirely built by Barefoot Architects. The campus spreads over 80,000 square feet area and consists of residences, a guest house, a library, dining room, meeting halls, an open air theatre, an administrative block, a ten-bed referral base hospital, pathological laboratory, teacher's training unit, water testing laboratory, a Post Office, STD/ISD call booth, a Craft Shop and Development Centre, an Internet dhaba (cafe), a puppet workshop, an audio visual unit, a screen printing press, a dormitory for residential trainees and a 700,000 litre rainwater harvesting tank. The College is also completely solar-electrified.
The College serves a population of over 125,000 people both in immediate as well as distant areas.

The Barefoot College is a place of learning and unlearning. It's a place where the teacher is the learner and the learner is the teacher. It's a place where NO degrees and certificates are given because in development there are no experts-only resource persons. It's a place where people are encouraged to make mistakes so that they can learn humility, curiosity, the courage to take risks, to innovate, to improvise and to constantly experiment. It's a place where all are treated as equals and there is no hierarchy.
So long as the process leads to the good and welfare of all; so long as problems of discrimination, injustice, exploitation and inequalities are addresssed directly or indirectly; so long as the poor, the deprived and the dispossessed feel its a place they can talk, be heard with dignity and respect, be trained and be given the tools and the skills to improve their own lives the immediate relevance of the Barefoot College to the global poor will always be there.

The rural poor must satisfy basic minimum needs like drinking water health educational employment etc. to umprove their qual;ity of life. Billions of dollars are spent every year in the name of the poor to provide these services. Colleges, research institutes, and funding organizations employ urban-trained, paper-qualified professionals to provide these services at tremendous costs. But there will always be a vested interest to keep the rural poor because thousands of jobs are at stake and poverty is big business.
The belief of the Barefoot College is that development programmes do NOT need urban-based professionals because para-professionals already exist in the villages whose widom, knowledge and skills are neither identified, mobilized nor applied just because they do not have an educational qualification.
This belief was put into practice 33 years ago in all the develiopment programme dealing with improving the quality of life.

We should start by stating who SHOULD NOT participate in the Barefoot College:
those who hold paper degrees and call themselves experts.
those who hide behind these degrees and qualifications and are unable to work with their hands.
those who lack the courage to take risks,to innovate,to take the initiative because there are so many reasons why it will go wrong.
The people who should participate are:
those who are drop outs,cop outs,wash outs and rejected by society because they cannot pass an exam and show a degree next to their name.
those who have no possibility of getting the lowest of the low government job.They have no choice but to stay and the investment in the training is not wasted.

They will earn the respect of the communities they serve because of the service they will provide.


For more information about the Barefoot College, please write to us at the following address:
The Director The Barefoot College, Village Tilonia, via Madanganj, District Ajmer Rajasthan 305816, INDIA ph+91 (0)1463- 288204, FAX +91 (0)1463-288206
Or e-mail your inquiry to: barefootcollege@gmail.com

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